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Unlock Productivity and Performance with Edusave's 529 Financial Wellness Platform

Don't let financial stress hold your employees back from reaching their full potential. 


With Edusave's versatile 529 financial wellness platform, you can empower your team to focus on what matters most - their work.

Say goodbye to disengagement and flight risk - Edusave understands that saving for children's education is one of the biggest financial stressors for employees, with half reporting ongoing challenges. That's why we offer the most comprehensive financial wellness platform, designed to alleviate the burden of saving for college.

Edusave Features:


Mobile Friendly Platform


529 plan recommendation

based on each employee’s profile

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Frictionless onboarding and user experience

financial-advisor-icon-11550159825aq15mji0r8-removebg-preview (1).png

Experienced Advisors available on demand


Don't just take our word for it - test drive the platform with our easy-to-follow onboarding video. It's time to invest in your employees' financial wellness and your company's bottom line.

Watch our onboarding video

Who is Edusave for?

Human Resources Managers

Who are looking to add more financial wellness benefits to their existing plans. 

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Who want to attract and retain top talent by offering competitive benefits.


Who want to offer additional financial wellness benefits to their B2B clients.

What you get working with Edusave

Knowledgeable Professionals

  • Our team works collaboratively with you to meet your needs

  • Our team has over 30 years experience in 529 plan management and financial services

Essential Data

  • Real-time data to track savings and investment performance

  • Customized dashboard with key metrics

Invaluable Education

  • Bite-sized education on Edusave, the benefits of 529 plans, financial aid, and more

  • Interactive webinars and lunch ‘n’ learns for interested employees

Support during the Journey

  • Concierge service including technical support and other questions

  • FAQs, articles, tools and calculators about college financial planning is always at your fingertips


"Edusave is a great platform for education savings. Well-thought out design and easy to use."

Paul Curley, CFA

Director of Savings Research at ISS Market Intelligence

Thank you for your interest in Edusave. 

Please complete this form so that we can start a conversation.

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