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Add a 529 plan to your financial wellness benefits to help increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Saving for the future is difficult because we tend to think about what will happen in the next 20 days, not the next 20 years. At Edusave, we support your employees through their journey so they can remain disciplined and achieve their long-term goals of education savings and avoiding student loan debt. 


We believe that education can be attained without crippling debt while reducing financial stressors on employees. Our focus is on creating a work environment that’s conducive to growth and productivity. 


We’re currently offering Edusave for free to employers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas and California.

Edusave was led by the belief that everyone deserves the best chance for an equal start.

529 Plans are a tax-free way to save for education and avoid student loan debt. But the large number of 529 plans in the market and the volume of investment options they offer coupled with the varying tax incentives offered by the state plan sponsors creates a level of complexity that is almost insurmountable. With more than one hundred 529 plans and thousands of investment options to choose from, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Surveys consistently show that employers seek an efficient way to promote education savings, reduce employee financial stress, and attract and retain top talent to grow the bottom line. Employees report that saving for

education and avoiding crippling student loans are top household concerns. 


Edusave was created to overcome the complexity of saving for college and to help the company’s bottom line. 

Who is Edusave for?

Human Resources Managers

Who are looking to add more financial benefits to their existing plans. 

CEO 1.jpg


Who want to attract and retain top talent by offering competitive benefits.


Who want to offer additional financial benefits to their B2B clients.

What you get working with Edusave

Knowledgeable Professionals

  • Our team works collaboratively with you to meet your needs

  • Our team has over 30 years experience in 529 plan management and financial services

Essential Data

  • Real-time data to track savings and investment performance

  • Customized dashboard with key metrics

Invaluable Education

  • Bite-sized education on Edusave, the benefits of 529 plans, financial aid, and more

  • Interactive webinars and lunch ‘n’ learns for interested employees

Support during the Journey

  • Concierge service including technical support and other questions

  • FAQs, articles, tools and calculators about college financial planning is always at your fingertips


"Edusave is a great platform for education savings. Well-thought out design and easy to use."

Paul Curley, CFA

Director of Savings Research at ISS Market Intelligence

Thank you for your interest in Edusave. 

Please complete this form so that we can start a conversation.

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